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Explore Stellenbosch attractions with us

At Specialized Stellenbosch Experience Centre, we know you are looking for more than just bike rides and coffee. 

Explore what else our magical town has to offer you and your active lifestyle needs. From restaurant recommendations to accommodation suggestions, we have you covered. 

recover well for your next adventure with some of these incredible RESTAURANTS in our beautiful town

When it comes to local chef's that are serving up some incredible food, fine dining through to pizza's and beer, look no further than Bertus basson's collection.

Browse the options here: 

The perfect croissant, decadent pastry and a great loaf of bread are ingredients to any good holiday, visit our local favorite bakery, schoon

Once you've had an UNBELIEVABLE riding experience on our trails, had some delicious food, here's a list of places to book for your ACCOMMODATION

Van der Stel Manor House is a lovingly restored Cape Dutch homestead (1910) within walking distance to Stellenbosch’s charming village centre and the ideal place to relax and enjoy your stay in the Winelands.

Van der stel manor

Research & Development

There are still a few key areas where women and men are different. So, when there’s a difference, we invest heavily in research and development to ensure that all riders get to experience the perfect ride. Numbness and pain experienced by women when riding wasn’t OK with us, so we developed the Women’s Power saddle with MIMIC technology, which creates equilibrium within soft tissue to relieve pressure. Data shows that the sizing and structure of men’s and women’s hands are different, which is why we will continue to create gloves for both genders.


Between 600 Retül Match Towers and the Digital Foot Device, we’ve collected foot measurements from 12,000 riders. We now know that men and women have nearly the same foot structure. And while men’s feet are usually larger, they don’t vary from women’s feet in terms of width or shape. That’s why we make shoes that give all riders the widest fit range with more color options.


Our bikes give you an excellent ride, right out of the box. But we make your bike yours through personalization. With the support of our retail network and Retül, we go the extra mile to ensure that you get the best possible service, performance benefit, and comfort. So, whether it’s with a Match session to find your perfect ride or a Retül Bike Fit, we’re going to unlock your full potential.