the faces behind the experience

Meet Raymond Cox.

A weapon behind a camera, the undisputed king of Social Media and Friday Afternoon trail ride advocate. 

If he's not stomping his Aethos up an iconic mountain pass or a sending his Epic EVO on a white knuckle run down Jonkershoek, he'll probably be whirling through Photoshop or In Design to conjure up content magic. 

Join Ray for an experience if you enjoy an average power with the same amount of digits as your local area code and a good chat afterwards.

Meet Kylie Hanekom.

The magic behind the marketing, Kylie is a local Stellenbosch legend who will hardly ever say no to a ride. Tarmac, Diverge, Epic or Turbo Levo SL, she's in! She may try to deny it, but there's a national champion jersey in the cupboard as proof that Kylie's a weapon. 

Join us for an experience with Kylie and you're bound to hear catch phrases like " Shredding the gnar", "get sendy" or "we love the loam" 

Meet James Ross-Marsh

Generally on his Epic Evo before the sun peeps over the Jonkershoek mountains, James will be your go-to-guy for Experience Centre needs. 

Join James for an experience around his favorite trails and roads around Stellenbosch and be sure of a sneaky stop to experience the best Pasties De Nata's our beautiful town has to offer.